Thursday, December 31, 2009

More challenges?

With 4 kids, it was almost impossible to have time for myself, but i never saw my job as WORK, therefore, I enjoyed every opportunity with my students and how I could help them.
Years have passed and when I look back, I guess those challenges were faced accordingly but I think I still need a lot of things to learn, this course is an example......
OMG I've always been a student who likes to excel, but with this new challenge is almost impossible for me to do it, many new things, new tools to learn, so little time, i'm not 20 aymore (even if I look so :)!) sometimes it is overwhealming.
But in the end, more challenges are to be faced gracefully, as always, battles are to be fought, sucess to be enjoyed and failures to learn from them.
So, here I am, with more challenges to face, so I say:
Bring them on!!!!!!