Wednesday, January 6, 2010

AR.... is it possible?

Well, apparently my goal will be to dessign an on-line course for ACTION RESEARCH focusing on Reading and Writing skills. As Karen properly asked me (I'm still looking for the answer) we need to find a way to include a meaningful way for our learners to apply everything they learn about it without havinf the "face-2-face" advantages.
Blogs have been one of the coolest experiences for me so far, and after checking out the site JAckie posted, we can definitely include this as a way to develop writing skills and critical thinking thoughout the course.


  1. You are right, and not only critical thinking and writing skills but also Ss will learn to receive and give appropiate feedback and be part of a learning and teaching community.

  2. Yes, Prisci,
    Blogs are wonderful! It´s the tool that has been the easiest to handle (well, to me), and it can bring many ways of applying it with our students.

  3. Well, students can reflect on their comments, practice and on their readings in their blog. I find it a good place to listen to each other and where they can always go back and the idea is there. I think this is an advantage over face-to-face modules.